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Finance Training
as provided in Wall Street, New York

World Financial Center, New York and Hong Kong level financial training



Cumulative Students

Introductory Corporate Finance & Accounting

Financial statements, Income statement, Cost

coming soon

Core Concepts

Finance/Accounting, Valuation, review

2018년 11월 20일(화)

Basic Financial Modeling

Sensitivity &Scenario Analyses, Valuation

January 12, 2019

Infrastructure/ energy modeling

Alternative investment, PF, SOC, IPP

November 24, 2018

PE/LBO Modeling – Advanced

IRR, MOIC, Mezzanine

January 12, 2019

M&A Strategy

DD, PMI, Legal, Case-study

coming soon

Global Investment analysis

Industry/Company Accounting Fraud/Mislead Detection, ROIC, VAR, SOTP

January 13, 2019


Hands-on approach

From empty Excel sheet to valuation with multiple scenarios

Improved M&A analytics

Analyze private equity’s LBO deal/investments

Specialized education material

WST books and Excel modules are all created by finance experts


What you learn in the class is directly and immediately applicable to your job at global IB, private equity, corporate strategy, international deals, VC, etc


Form business networks among students and instructors


Receive the ‘Certificate of Financial Modeling Training’ approved by the Institute of Professional Finance


Wall Street Training has several instructors who graduated top universities in the United States and also worked at global financial hubs as investment bankers and private equity & hedge fund investors