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About Wall Street Training

Welcome! We are Wall Street Training Asia, experts in Global Standard Financial Training.

After “1997 Asian financial crisis” Korea government reformed finance sector and eased its regulations. Since then PEF, M&A, SOC, and investments start to grow rapidly. However compare to its rapid growth, only small number of experts can analyse and progress deals and no expert educational institute existed. Financial hubs such as Wall Street, London, and Hong Kong, Global IBs trained their new employees by professional institutes for months so that after training program they are ready to work with 100% expectation.

At Wall Street Training, our goal is to train individuals in Finance sector or those corporate uses financial model to same level as global IB and bring Global Standards.
Through Wall Street Training courses, individuals are achieving professional level of knowledge and skills, that they are able to apply directly to their daily work. Currently Wall Street Training courses are offered to one top 3 major financial service group, including new employee training, as well as one top 3 major conglomerate business group in Korea



Provide world-class practical finance trainings in both developed and developing markets


Becoming the most resourceful practical finance training firm in Asia
Providing global standard but also localized finance training contents


Customers: Maximize finance & investment analytics abilities through providing a total solution that cover from basics to highly complex level
Members: Aggregation of global finance knowledge that cover a wide range and types of real-world cases

Letter of Recomendation

I recommend Financial Modeling Course by Wall Street Training. For years, I have been working in Korea, Hong Kong, and New York and one thing i learned is that strong skills in Financial Modeling is very important as professional.

Jay Ju Director (Columbia MBA)
Tiger grand cub(AUM $400 Million) Analysis Team
Tandem Investors (Hong Kong HEF) Manger
Allard Partners (Hong Kong HEF) Analyst
Mirrae Asset Sellside RA

Wall Street Training’s Strength

Global standard training just as they are provided at financials hubs (New York, Hong Kong, etc)

Existing international finance training firms

Only provide
English lectures
Too expensive
for developing
large lectures
(difficult to communicate
with instructors)


Provide lectures
in local languages
lower prices
All lectures
smaller than 25

Collaborating institutions


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